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Rad Rover 6 Headlight & Taillight Issue

Started by ScotPDX, February 23, 2024, 09:45:28 AM

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Headlights on my Rad Rover 6 with 136 miles on it quit working.  The tail light has a very dim blink, but the brake lights work.  Checked all the connections and they seem fine.  When I turn the lights on via the controller, the light indicator comes on.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.
I searched the forum clear back to 2022 and didn't see anything.


Have you installed an different headlight?  Aftermarket headlights can burn up Rad controllers.

Hopefully it is under warranty and you receive a new controller.  If not and you have to have lights you can either go with battery operated lights or a new controller.  If you decide a new controller, I suggest you upgrade to a 35amp for more power and color screen. 

Area 13 carries the upgraded controllers and the screens as a kit.  They do sell out from time to time.

One guy on this forum bought a used partly functioning controller and salvaged parts from it to make his work.  Inside the controller there are 2 small boards that control either the front light or the rear.  They are the same part for either light.  He replaced those to make his lights work.