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*SOLVED, SEE UPDATE* Double Error - Error 24 and Error 30 on RadCity 5 Plus

Started by virtourist, February 12, 2024, 05:56:27 PM

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It turned out that the motor control board was the culprit. Once I swapped it out, the problem went away.

Original message


First time poster here.

Bike: RadCity 5 Plus

Miles: 3100

Error Codes 24 and 30.

The error(s) first came up a few weeks ago. I can't remember the exact order of how the errors popped up, but Error 24 seemed to clear after I disconnected and reconnected the motor power connector. Error 30 seemed to clear after I removed the USB cable adapter from the accessory port. After doing this, I had an uneventful ~10 mile ride back home without incident.

Now both errors are back in force and I can't seem to make them go away. I went through all the troubleshooting steps Rad has on their page.

Sometimes Error 24 clears, but it comes back as soon as I apply motor power either through the throttle or by pedaling. (If I turn the assist down to '0' and pedal completely unassisted, the error doesn't appear.)

Error 30 cleared once after I unhooked the headlight, but I couldn't seem to get that to happen again.


So, any advice on what to do next?

I live pretty close to one of the Rad Service Centers and that would be the most obvious repair route. But I dread doing that because it could get expensive pretty quick (they're asking $180 just for an electrical diagnosis!). I'm also well aware they charge an arm and a leg for parts.

I'm also pretty handy (have done a lot of factory machine/motor maintenance in my past career). I'd be game to do an extensive repair/retrofit on my own, especially if the alternative is to pay Rad ~$1k for a repair on a bike that's probably not even worth that much.


John Rose

Does it still run under either pedal assist or throttle, or are you dead in the water? (Except for un-powered pedalling.)
I see that Rad has a lot of trouble-shooting guides that only tell you which cables and connectors to check to clear the error code. I've never gotten an error code.
Nowhere does it say what the practical effect these error codes has on the performance of the bike.
RadMini ST 2 / RadExpand 5


QuoteDoes it still run under either pedal assist or throttle, or are you dead in the water?

More or less dead in the water. If Error 30 comes up, the bike turns itself off after a minute or so. If Error 24 comes up, the bike only functions completely unpowered - no throttle or pedal assist.