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Rad Rover Battery longevity question

Started by ChrisG, February 06, 2024, 06:20:12 PM

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Curious as to just how long a battery should last before it is expected to reach its end of life span (years)? My bike its almost 3 years old now and the battery seams good as new. Just anticipating how old they get before everyone is facing buying a replacement?


it all depends on the number charging cycles and how much throttle you use. 

I got 7000 out of a battery before I started having problems.  I burned the wiring because of too much current flowing.  After repaired it was almost as good as new.  But range for me is much lower because of have several hills I tackle. 


I have two 2016 Radrovers with around 8000 miles between them.  I have three batteries I rotate between the two rovers.  Looks like my max range of 30-32 miles at PAS 2/3 is down to around 25-27 miles at PAS 2/3.  Still works out because my max mileage on a ride is always under 20-22 miles.  Only when I can't complete a norm ride is when I will consider replacement of the battery pack or the entire ebike.

The wife has an 2018 Radcity with only 1000 miles.  I don't know if her battery pack has issues because she doesn't ride as far or as much.
2023 Himiway Cobra Pro, two 2018/2023 Radcity Step-Thru, & two 2016 Radrovers


Too cold and too hot can reduce battery performance