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Fire in Tavistock garage caused by e-bike being charged

Started by rfv, February 04, 2024, 06:44:16 AM

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A garage has been damaged by fire after an electric bike was left on charge, emergency services have said.

Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue attended the scene in Tavistock, Devon, on Saturday morning at about 05:00 GMT.

Three fire engines tackled the blaze that is believed to have started after an e-bike was left charging.

Tavistock Fire Station said rechargeable items "catch fire with little or no warning with catastrophic results".


I imagine a million lithium batteries are charged in the UK every week. When one catches fire, I'd love to know more about what went wrong.

There have been a lot of ebikes in New York City for years, but there was a huge upsurge of fires in the last couple of years. Apparently the cause was the importation of unsafe batteries. They passed a law against selling batteries that aren't UL certified, and they're offering swaps to get the uncertified ones off the street.

I put my charger on a timer to limit charging to times I'm present and awake. An engineer at a reputable ebike company recommends charging indoors because charging a battery that's too hot or cold can damage it in a way that makes it unsafe.

Most burglars enter through doors because with a little privacy, a burglar can usually get a door open. For security, a back door is a liability, but it can be a lifesaver in the event of a fire.


I NEVER charge my ebike battery without being present. IE: I charge mine and my wife's in the house and while we are home and inside the house. If an ebike battery goes nuclear it only give you a moment or two to react before a catastrophic reaction takes place. I don't want to take the chance.


Looking at the pictures, the first thing I was thinking was poor housekeeping. It may have been started by lithium batteries but the combustibles surrounding it attributed to the scale of damages (my opinion only).

I think everyone has to apply some situational awareness of where you are charging your e-bike. Watching a video of lithium batteries on fire on YouTube will give you an idea how much space you need. Leaning your bike beside a wall full of cardboard boxes may not be a good idea.
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