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Radmission head light connector wire is broken

Started by underOATH777, December 11, 2023, 03:51:27 AM

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The wire of the connector that attaches to my mission's head light is broken, how to fix that?

I also noticed another wire at the main connector near the handlebar is worn out, and might completely fail / break soon similar to the head light connector wire.

I tried to search for how to and diy guides, but oddly didn't see any posts regarding failed wiring of rad ebikes. I would appreciate any advice / feedback


My Radmission had a different problem with the same solution. The rear brake signal wire was too short to raise my bars where I needed them for stability and comfort. I found an extension on Amazon, but it was 30 inches or so. I bought these, thinking they were short extensions.

I had to splice them. I was glad I had a temperature-controlled soldering iron because soldering fine wires is tricky. First, I slipped some tan heat-shrink tubing over the cable and slid it out of the way. Instead of trying to insulate my connections, I staggered them so they wouldn't short together. Then I slid the heat shrink over the whole thing and heated it. I happened to have an elastic velcro band to keep my pants cuff away from the chain. To keep my splice from getting tugged, I held it against the riser with three wraps of the band.

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