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Rad Rover 6+ upgrade advice needed

Started by Traildad, November 11, 2023, 06:44:09 PM

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I want to raise the handlebar on my Rad Rover 6+. I added some spacers but there isn?t enough slack in the electrical cables and brake hoses to raise it enough for me to sit upright. In order to raise it enough I need to add longer hydraulic hoses and controller wires. In the process of adding the spacers I over torqued the handlebar and I think I may have damaged it.
I called my local shop and asked if they could do the job for me. They said yes but when I took it there they said they wouldn?t work on it. I called a shop nearby that rents Rads and they refused to do it. I called a Rad dealership and they refused to do it. So it looks like I?m going to have to do it myself.
I work on my own cars so I figure I can do the job with the right tools, parts and information. I?m also going to add an upgraded controller I got from Area 13. I think I?ve found the extensions I need for the wires. I need to figure out what hydraulic hose I need and what I need to repair the headset. I don?t think there is a repair manual that has the information I need. With all the variations in parts that have been used it?s not easy to order replacements.
I guess the easy way would be to sell it and start over. Does anyone have some suggestions on how best to make this work?


I found a Nutt brake assembly with an 82.7 inch rear hydraulic line and 53 inch front line. It comes with everything including rotors. I?m pretty sure the lines are more than long enough and I won?t have to try to match the ones on my bike. So I think that will solve the biggest part of my problem.


I just got my bike back from the shop. They installed the Area 13 controller upgrade, installed new front and rear brakes with longer hydraulic hoses, installed longer shifter cables and adjusted my handlebar so I can sit more upright while I ride. It started raining as I loaded it in my truck so I haven?t test rode it yet but I?m looking forward to it.


Took it out for a quick spin around the block. I like the new controller. It has good acceleration but not so powerful that it would ride out from under me.


Quote from: Traildad on December 30, 2023, 05:02:23 PM
Took it out for a quick spin around the block. I like the new controller. It has good acceleration but not so powerful that it would ride out from under me.

If you don't have the manual for that controller, here's a link to view/download:

I believe the C5 parameter controls how fast the power amps up when applying throttle, so you can adjust how lively it is off the line.  There are other settings that also affect power delivery and top speed.   I have mine maxed out to scoot through busy intersections from a stop.  Plus, it's fun having a stealthy, innocent-looking little pocket rocket that pulls pretty good at just under 1,600 watts.

Have fun!
Shucks Ma'am, I'm no "Hero Member", I just like to wear this cape.


When I first installed a 35 amp controller, my Radrunner could pop a wheelie when I got underway at home. It didn't happen at stop signs because on the road, I'd be in my normal posture, leaning forward a bit to put most of my weight over the pedals. At home, I might have some weight on a foot on the ground and the rest on the seat, high and aft of the pedals. Getting underway at home, I learned not to sit on the seat.

Later, I learned that C5 has selections for slow throttle starts. It's hard for me to tell a difference. I guess that's because I use only a little throttle to get underway.

My Aventon Abound has a lever throttle. From a stop, it does nothing for a moment, then increases power slowly. If there's a way to change the settings, Aventon doesn't let customers know. I think starting with a lever throttle is more dangerous than starting with a rolling throttle because it's too easy to push the lever all the way.