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Bike Rack Question

Started by BrendaAndWalt, November 07, 2023, 04:45:15 AM

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Please suggest a bike rack for our 2 step-through bikes weighing just under 65 pounds without batteries. I am looking at the Thule T2 Pro XTR 2-Bike Hitch Rack. The Thule site indicates that 60 pounds each is the max. We will be installing a 2-inch hitch on our midsize SUV. What's your experience? Thanks!


I am not suggesting since I do not have one. But the Hollywood rack seemed to pop quite often. Some even use a dirt bike rack. Try searching "Hollywood" here and form your opinion.
For example:,989.msg20616.html#msg20616
Literally is LITERALLY the most annoying word of the decade.


I have a Saris SuperClamp4 Freedom 4 position bike rack since 2016 with 2 sets of fat tire trays for my SUV with 2" hitch+harness.  I used it for years with my 2016 two +70lbs Radrover and 2018 Radcity Step-Thru.  It was a PITA to deadlift the ebikes, remove rack bag/battery, or having my 4'11" wife help lift over 2-3 positions to mount to the tray close to the hatch.  Trying to store, deadlift to install the 70lbs rack, add anti-rattle devices, and needing tools to mount/dismount made it a negative for taking ebikes anywhere other than out to the local trails from the house.  I was using the Saris rack about 80% of the time for a single ebike only.

Just recently upgraded to the QuikRack Mach 2, 2nd rack, loading ramp, license plate attachment, and wheel locks.  The 2 rack QuikRack is 2X more expensive compare to the 4 position Saris rack and it had a 2 month wait time.  The advantages I needed/wanted over other brands was:

- no tools needed to mount/dismount (just a push button barrel key lock)
- you can install/uninstall the rack in under a minute
- built in anti rattle system
- 28lbs for the hitch rack and 22lbs for the second rack attachment (wife can install either rack)
- easy on/off with ramp or lifting one tire at a time into the QuikRack (wife can mount/lock down her ebike alone with ramp)
- folds for easy storage in rear SUV hatch or garage
- trays can be used for up to 5" fat tires without additional accessories for more $$$ and no tools needed for adjustments
- can accommodate long wheelbase ebikes or downhill bikes up to 56"
- no adjustments needed to mount both ebikes on trays (no adjusting the seat height, hitting handlebars, adjusting pedal positions, kickstand needing to be up or down, removing rack bags/batteries)
- each tray can hold 120lbs (240 lbs total).  Make sure the ebikes don't exceed your vehicle's tongue wights requirements.
- I just need to move an ebike up or back a few inches to fit if I need to mount two side-by-side compared to having fixed trays like my Saris rack.
2023 Himiway Cobra Pro, two 2018/2023 Radcity Step-Thru, & two 2016 Radrovers


I have been super happy with my rockymounts swing away


We bought the Hollywood Racks Destination E-bike rack. It was ~$700. We carry a Rad City step-thru and a high step. It works great! Mounts on our SUV easily. Folds up when not in use. I really like that if we have to get into the rear hatch of the SUV, the rack folds down with the bikes on the rack. We've traveled a couple thousand miles with bikes on the rack and its very stable. We remove the batteries and if it looks like rain, we'll cover the battery holder with 5" stretch wrap.