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Recommended upgrade derailleur and shifter for 2019 RadMini??

Started by ctownj30, November 06, 2023, 11:28:27 AM

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My derailleur "blew up" this weekend, just sort of separated into pieces while riding down the road.  I've never had great luck with the stock system - its never reliably worked in all gears even after professional service, and its always taken a lot of force to shift even after changing out the cable, shifter, and derailleur with new stock components.

Looking to upgrade to something higher quality - any recommendations?

Should I upgrade just the shifter/cable/derailleur, or also the front ring and the casette?

Help appreciated.  I'm capable of doing the install myself, but hoping to get a list of what I'll need based on a proven recommendation.

Water Doc

Maybe you should stop by a bike shop and ask for recommendations or help.  I do not believe that changing your shifter is difficult but you need to be certain that you have one that works for you and your bike.  I did take a look at options on amazon and found this:

As you can see this is not an expensive upgrade but I would make sure you picked the best one for your riding style,
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