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UI Remote Cover

Started by Slainte, November 04, 2023, 11:33:29 PM

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The buttons on my Remote UI component are sticking.  The bike is about 2 ? years old so I'm hoping it just needs to be blown (cleared) out with some contact spray (essentially canned air).

While there's lots of info on-line about the main display there seems to be very little on the remote.

Does anyone have any experience, suggestions, YouTube clips addressing this issue?

Can I safely pry the cover off of the remote, clean it out and put the cover back on without disturbing the electronics inside ?  Any would be welcome and appreciated. Thanks in advance

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John Rose

Quote from: Slainte on November 04, 2023, 11:33:29 PM
... The bike is about 2 ? years old so I'm hoping it just needs to be blown (cleared) out with some contact spray (essentially canned air). ...
There's much more to it, actually. If you look up the MSDS for Deoxit - - a popular brand of contact cleaner, you get these ingredients:

  • Petroleum Naptha [essentially lighter fluid]
  • Methyl Nonafluorobutyl Ether
  • Methyl Nonafluoralisobutyl Ether
  • Deoxit ? Shield S100L (Trade Secret) [So who knows what that could be? Sounds like it might be a sort of lubricant or residual coating]
99% Isopropyl alcohol should be pretty safe to use, dries quickly, and is good for diluting and rinsing out any water that may have gotten into electronics.

This is not to say that contact cleaner is a bad idea in this particular application, because I have no idea what materials are in the switch. It's mainly for metal-on-metal surfaces of switches, the conductive polymers in potentiometers, etc.

All that of course depends on opening it up in the first place. I am not at all familiar with the type of control you have.
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Thanks. The main issue is getting to the parts inside. The RR6+ gas two User Information/Interface components. The center screen is mostly rider stats like odometer, speedometer etc. on the left side is the PAS control and power button. It is the PAS buttons that are sticking.


If it was me, I would unplug and remove the UI PAS remote unit and bring it inside for better inspection. In my experience the problem with using a pressurized air is that you may be pushing debris further inside the unit. I prefer attaching a smaller hose to a vacuum cleaner and try to clean out the area in question.

If the unit got spilled with something sugary like soda pop. I would try using a less harmful solvent first like Spray 9 or even WD40 and try a toothbrush or Qtip around the cavity.

If this does not solve the sticky issue. I would look for screw underneath the unit.

In my experience in disassembling electronic parts. I sometimes find cases where the screws are hidden underneath a label or hard to peel tape. I get around this by using a heat gun or a blow dryer.
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Quick tip for stickers. Using a high percentage (over 90%) isopropyl alcohol will often loosen the sticker glue and you can peel it off with an exacto blade and tweezers.
I used a syringe to apply a very small amount on the edge of the sticker, wait a few seconds for it to weep underneath and then work my way through the rest.
Then if you are careful and place the sticker somewhere where it can dry, you can reapply it and there is almost no sign it was ever removed.
I first saw The Lockpicking Lawyer do this on YouTube for security stickers and it's worked every time for me.