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RadRover 5+ motor failure

Started by Plaid, November 04, 2023, 08:41:31 PM

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I have had my Rover for over two years now and it has been trouble free for 3,400 miles. Over the last 800 miles or so the motor has started to make noise, kind of a resonate whoop whoop whoop that changes frequency with speed.  Recently it has become much worse where I can feel it in the pedals and sounds like a rock crusher.  The planetary gears are failing fast.  I have seen several YouTube videos on how to open the motor to change or service it.  When i opened my motor the planetary gear assembly and the mounting plate is pressed tight to the motor pinion gear.  I can see the gears are wearing real bad but do not know how to pull them off the motor ?


I have never done the job, but I would look  at gear pullers at Amazon or Walmart. You need three legs, and they need to be long enough to reach from the end of the shaft down under the edge of the carrier plate.


Well i solved my problem? so to speak.  I ordered a new 750W motor from Electro Bike World.  That transaction was impressive, $249, free shipping and it was on my porch via UPS in three days.  The new motor had a larger armature and has quit a bit more power.  I opened the new motor and moved the new planetary gears and armature to the old hub and put it back on the bike.
Smooth and quiet, i can do 0 to 30 in about six seconds, i only weigh 150 pounds, that gives my bike the edge.