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New style Rad6 BATTERY ISSUE

Started by greginlex, November 03, 2023, 05:18:14 AM

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So it looks like I have one of the non Serviceable Batteries for my Rad6.  My Question is this.  The two (2) surface mount fuses are both good as I have checked them with a meter.  The Battery wont charge and the lights wont power up.  When the power supply is hooked up I do get power into the Battery and power out of the battery.  Any Ideas would be helpful.  This is my second battery and I am ready to mod the whole setup if I cant fix the battery. TIA


I would start by measuring the voltage of each cell group - they should be nearly the same voltage. this will help determine if it is a bad cell or bad BMS.


Thanks for the Reply! How would I check each cell "Group" and what is a BMS?
not sure how to insert a picture so i attached one of the deconstructed battery.


BMS is Battery Management System - it is the circuit board on top of the battery. There are 13 groups of 4 cells in parallel, with 14 connections from the cells to the BMS. In your battery, the cells' attachment to the BMS is sealed with black sealant. You may be able to penetrate the sealant with a pin connected to your voltmeter. You need to test pairs of these connections.

This was easier with the Standard Battery, as the contact points were exposed and clearly labeled.