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Rad Rover 5 Front Wheel Hub

Started by Dr.JB, October 28, 2023, 12:36:01 PM

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In recently upgrading the brakes on my RR5, I was shocked to discover an incredible amount of play in the front wheel bearings; I can?t imagine that they?d be anything but shot, given the level of movement. I understand these are cone bearings, that need regular greasing and adjusting. I?ve researched and there are hub alternatives with cartridge bearings, even with ceramic bearings and am thinking it might be worth upgrading the hub to one with more robust bearings. I?m not interested in racing this bike, can?t imagine it would be a contender of any kind, but, I do literally beat the crap out of it on our rough roads (the front shocks are showing signs of slight leakage). Apparently the rear bearings are higher quality, given they?re provided by the motor drive.

So, I?m writing to ask if anyone else has had problems with these front bearings and whether or not anyone has gone to the extreme of replacing the front Hub?




Here's the link I posted a minute ago.

As a teen, I put thousands of miles on a bike with no suspension and 60 psi in the tires, much of it on gravel roads. As the guy in the video says, you should adjust bearings properly and regrease when necessary. I never had any trouble.

He had another tip. Measure your bearings with a caliper and buy a jar of balls that size so you can put in new ones when you regrease. He also said that if  your races or hub needs replacement, you can tell by turning the axle.


My RR5 is experiencing bearing issues also. They are squeaking like dry, but Rad is no help when I contacted them for instruction on taking apart to inspect. I searched web - nothing much there either, but I think the cone bearings have 6mm balls in them. I took wheel to a bike repair shop but they seemed hesitant to take apart. I then contacted Rad and they would sell me a new complete front wheel for $175.00. I may wait until spring (no riding here in Canada in winter anyway) and just bite the bullet.


Chris, I?m in the same (Canadian) boat. You only need to undo the two nuts to access the bearing/s, but will need a cone wrench to do it. If my bearing is as beat up as the one pictured in the other thread, I?ll just replace the hub - I?ve seen them for as little as a $100, with cartridge bearings. According to the other thread, this seems to be a common issue with these bikes; the front wheel bearings as poor quality. I can?t get over how sloppy mine have become.