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Started by Muskie1, October 22, 2023, 04:27:30 PM

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 So 2 years into my Mini.
Unless you are mechanically  inclined, Rad is a bad buy.
  I recently bought 3 bikes in the past year 2 for gifts  one amazing choice I took on Amazon.
One I gifted got hit by a car.
I contacted Lectric for prices  free


blanket statements are the worst.

two years in my RR6+.
I am not mechanically inclined. I've changed out my flats a few times, but that's it.

Other than having bought it at peak price, i couldn't be happier with my bike, and it's giving me about 4,000 miles of joy. Probably be more if it wasn't 105+ degrees every day this summer.

Also, if you want prices of any other ebike, yea, they usually supply those prices free of charge, and can easily be found on a website.


  I love my Mini , never had luck with tech support.
I didn't mind the weight until I got impaled by the bike. I only keep my bikes in my house and the Mini became to heavy for short trips.
So one day I rode my old Trek mountain bike, I was amazed how good not having the weight was.
I Saw a Area 13 video about a cheap Amazon bike ,Gotrax F1. I bought it and it is awesome I can hit trails that the Mini was to big for.
I still use the Mini for long rides but under 50 alot of fun. Rad  needs to bring a light weight bike out


I have two 2016 Radrovers with 4000 miles each ebike.  The wife has a 2018 Radcity Step-thru and just updated her to a 2023 Radcity Step-thru.  Had my share of controller issues, flats, brake cables, replacing tires, replacing brakes/pads, and adding accessories (tire liners, adjustable handlebar stem, larger pedals, rack, suspension seatpost, aux lights, etc...). 

I really really enjoyed riding, updating, and trouble-shooting/fixing my ebikes over the years.  I've put 10X more miles (and 10X more smiles) compared to my old 700X40c pedal bikes we had for years before our first ebikes.
2023 Himiway Cobra Pro, two 2018/2023 Radcity Step-Thru, & two 2016 Radrovers


  I enjoy working on mine , realized after I got it problems would arise. Headset bearings were crushed ,Rad wanted me to video the noise ,one hand and a phone was not happening. Replaced my self.
  Controller would cut in and out , replaced with a 35 amp one.
  The worse problem was my fault. I knew to torque every thing, my back wheel was finger tight. One day on a ride on wet roads I made a left turn and a immediately fell. Lost a kickstand bolt.
I love my Mini but I buy Lectric for gifts.  XP LITE is just a regular bike that uses parts I can find anywhere.
I don't want to work on gifts , as a side note one I bought got hit by a car, rider ok. Both cranks bent emailed Lectric for pricing ,sent pedals ,cranks and tools free.

Water Doc

You sure have lot of issues Muskie 1.  we have 4 Rad Bikes,  Mini ST, Mini4 and 2 RR+. Total for the 4 bikes we have ridden over 15,000 miles.  The folding bikes are for travel (the ST was ridden daily for 18 months until my wife wanted a RR+ She has logged over 1000 miles since getting it mid August,  My RR+ is approaching 9000 miles, I had a noisy motor issue and replaced the rear wheel/motor from Rad and have since repaired the original motor for back up.  My. point is before every ride I check the bikes over for any issues before we ride and upgrade or repair as needed (usually 20-25 miles per day)  the batteries get charged after every ride (that means daily unless it rains) and have never given us any problems.   I would like a lighter bike, but as almost 79 yo getting up some of the hills has become almost impossible.   My son has a Specialized Mid drive he likes, maybe you should try one of those.   But I will add that my son purchased a like new used RR+ in July and the Specialized has not seen much use since.  This is a Chevy - Ford issue, buy one you like and ride it and keep it in good running condition.
RadMini4 and RR+

John Rose

Quote from: Tree on October 23, 2023, 09:37:14 AM
blanket statements are the worst.
Not as bad as thread titles that have only one word, and that word applies to every thread and post on the Forum.
RadMini ST 2 / RadExpand 5


My RadMini has been a trooper for 8,000 miles, and I use it to tow other bikes when they break down or run out of battery.