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Rad External Battery 48v 672ah

Started by RadBob, October 20, 2023, 11:40:32 AM

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Has anyone ever seen the Rad External battery pack (48v 672ah) go on sale?
Currently it?s listed for $665 CAD
Does the price go down in the winter months?



you can sometimes find used or barely used batteries on ebay and facebook marketplace.


If I needed a battery, I'd check Amazon. They have several that look like Rad batteries for under $300 US. I saw one that's UL listed. They come with carriers in case they won't slide onto the Rad carrier. I'd want to make sure the connector on the new carrier would plug into the Rad wiring harness.


check out this subject on the forum,Rad Power Bikes Third Party Replacement Battery? from Rayan himself


I?ll check out all options.
I was hoping that Rad would have a battery sale
This would allow for a quick swap without having to do any wiring changes or adapting. 
If I can?t find a Rad sale or a decent priced used battery I?ll then proceed with an aftermarket option.

Thanks again for the feedback!