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Spokes..... again

Started by Steven_smith36, October 19, 2023, 12:44:16 PM

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I have a spoke tension meter that is too large to fit the rear spokes on my Radrunner. Any suggestions as to 1 that will fit?... or if tightening spokes by hand, how tight fingertip-wise is too tight/loose?.... as a rough guide.
Thanks in advance


A wrench marked 12 gauge fits my Radrunner nipples.

I listen. The first time around, I tighten the dead-sounding ones. The second time around, I guess I go for something like Middle C. As long as the sounds are roughly the same and there's no runout on the rim, I think that's fine.

I love the spoke wrench I bought last year. I can see it on the nipple, which makes it easy to know which way to turn. I like the side that engages three corners of a nipple. That's foolproof. I can use the wrench as a mini hammer to sound a spoke.

John Rose

Quote from: handlebar on October 20, 2023, 06:43:24 AM
... I like the side that engages three corners of a nipple. ...
That is pretty clever.
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