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Radwagon 4 ; tire and inner tube

Started by Hayreddinli, October 18, 2023, 02:58:18 AM

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This is my first topic here. Various people have already responded to the tire discussion of the Radwagon 4 on various topics. I have also taken advantage of this and would like to thank everyone for the information.
I would like to share my experience with the tires of the Radwagon 4 that we have been using since the beginning of the year.

I used the Tannus Armor inner tube armor on both tires.
This caused a leak at the rear wheel due to a shift of the anti-puncture foam. I took out the foam, taped it and put it back again. But because the band is slightly narrower, it cannot have too much stretch. I later inflated both tires to 3 bar. And then the rear tire collapsed after use.
I'm starting to see cracks on the front tire. Hopefully that still goes well.

I have replaced the rear wheel inner tube and tire with a alternative brand. And I will pump both tires to about 2 bar. I don't think higher pressure goes well.

I may want to replace the front wheel inner and outer tire later as a precaution.

Inner tube Kenda 18-275/300 tr6

Tire 2.75-18 Kenda K254 4pr 41p

I have attached the photos of the old and new situation.


I'd like to hear how the motorcycle tire performs.


The tire has been on it for almost 2 weeks now and so far so good. At first I had inflated it manually to try it out carefully. I noticed that it was cycling hard and couldn't get up to speed. I saw that it was at 1.5 bar and I further inflated it to just over 2 bar. Now the cycling is nice and smooth again.

I have reported the situation with the front tire to RAD and am waiting for a response. In the near future I will check the front wheel regularly and replace it if in doubt.


How old is your front tire?

A motorcycle tire might be a solution for my Radrunner. The ISO size is 84-406 (16 x 3.3 ), and there aren't many options in bicycle tires.


Front tire is now about 6 months old.

So far I am satisfied with the motorcycle tire on the rear wheel.


Quote from: Hayreddinli on October 24, 2023, 03:04:30 AM
Front tire is now about 6 months old.

So far I am satisfied with the motorcycle tire on the rear wheel.

My Radrunner tires are nearly 3 years old. After a year, I thought my rear tire had cracking. I thought it might have come from the day I reduced pressure to .7 bar to ride on snow, or the time I rode a few feet before seeing that the back tire was flat. Yesterday, I examined it closely. The tire isn't cracked. It's a transparent sticker with white lettering. The sticker is cracked, and the transparent part looks like the sidewall.

I hope Radpower gives you a good answer.