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Suspension not adjusting?

Started by lcdega, October 11, 2023, 11:22:25 AM

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So, I have checked the manual to be sure, but it's a pretty straight forward procedure.
I was trying to adjust the softness of the suspension by unlocking on knob and then turning the other one.
The point is, no matter if I set it all the way to the + or -, I can't perceive any change in the suspension. The only case is that if I leave them unlocked and they are really soft, but I think that's not the correct way, right? They should be always locked.
What I am doing wrong?


If you're trying to adjust the front suspension on your bike you need to "unlock" the one side and then adjust the + or - side. LEAVE the suspension unlocked as that side is designed to lock out the suspension when/if you don't need it. Your suspension won't work while locked out.