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Should i repair or replace RadRover 2018?

Started by pjwinstalls, September 28, 2023, 07:51:39 PM

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Hi I have a 2018 radrover. About 4K miles.  Its used exclusively for work.  I work on the beach so the bikes is constant salt environment.  Its even been hit by a wave while i was riding it.  Its my workhouse with a large front and rear basket.   Only issue I have had other than burning through brakes it the controller which i upgraded a few years ago.   My battery is now falling apart.  The plastic of the case is separating and I can barely charge it because the charging pin is deteriorating.

Not sure what to do?   Purchase a brand new rad rover?   repair or upgrade battery?  How long do these motors typically last for?   I can't be without the bike so I am willing to do whatever makes sense.    Look forward to hearing opinions!


Chief of the Boat

I have a 19 Rover (3500 miles), 20 Rover step-thru (3000 miles) that I am a fair weather street and bike path rider.   Besides brakes the 19 nylon gearset failed at 2300 miles the 20 has been trouble-free.
I was thinking of selling both and buying a new non Rad bike, instead I installed Zoom hydraulic brakes on both.  I have put about 100 miles on both and very happy.
IMO I would look to buy a battery or a used 19/20 Rover and use that battery when you use your 18 as commuter.


I have two 2016 Radrovers with 4000 miles on each ebike.  I rotate between both work commuting and weekend trail riding. Both are still operational with the same mix of controllers, brake pads, squeaks/rattles, weaker batteries, and tires.  I have similar upgrades with racks, rack bags, aux lights, upgraded pedals/grips, suspension seatpost, etc.

I don't wet weather ride my Rovers when possible.  I picked the Rovers because the company was from the Seattle area and built to be wet weather resistance.  I think salt water is the achilles heel for any electronic device.  I don't think the Rad Power Bikes since 2015 have improved to handle more than falling rain or freshwater tire splash from a puddles on the electronics?

I would think you would eventually have the exact same issue with a brand new Rover compared to your old?  You might have to factor in the cost of current/future repairs of your old Rover over time compared to Buying new Rover for $2000+future repairs.  I imagine there are types of grease, gels, tapes, wraps, oils, maintenance routines, and cleaning routines I could use to help reduce the effects of salt water damage with the old and new Rover.

2023 Himiway Cobra Pro, two 2018/2023 Radcity Step-Thru, & two 2016 Radrovers


If it were me, I would replace the battery with a good aftermarket battery (something with Samsung or Panasonic cells). You'll need to change the battery mount/connector, but those generally come with the aftermarket batteries. You can even get adapter cables for the connectors if you don't want to splice the wiring. It will probably be between half to two thirds the cost of buying a new Rad battery. With everything I've seen and heard here about all the issues with the new Rad Rovers (and their troubles with service/warranty), I wouldn't but a new Rad Rover 6. I would buy a different bike from a different manufacturer instead. I have two Rover 5's that I've had since 2020. One has about 600 miles on it and the other had about 2000 miles on it. I love those bikes. I've done some upgrades on them, like the Bolton controller, but nothing due to any kind of problems. There are lots of aftermarket parts out their for them if you do have anything that fails. I also own a Lectric Trike, and I like it very much as well. It seems to be as well built as the Rad's. The Lectric bikes are different from the Rad's, like being much smaller, but they are also a lot less expensive. 

Just my opinion for what it's worth.


There is a guy on Facebook that has had 2 Rovers and has put 30,000 miles on each one.  He says that it is probably end of life on them although they still run okay but less power.  He is in Florida as well on the coast riding streets. 

I have a Rover 5 purchased in early 2020 and with about 6000 miles.  I have upgraded the controller and the motor.  I have have repaired my battery connections.  In my area of Florida, it is hilly and the best I can get out of it is 16 miles.  In a flat area I am sure I could get over 20 or maybe 25 with the original battery.

I recently purchased another brand bike to tackle the hills better.  It is stronger but it is very noisy.  I am working with that company to work out the issues I for now I won't give out the name.   600 miles. 

I still own the Rover and still use it.  If I were to do it over again, I would upgrade the battery to a larger capacity on the Rover.  I still may do it.  Yes stick with Panasonic or Samsung cell batteries.  The Rover is more comfortable than my replacement as well.  It also has a suspension post with street tires so it is a smooth quiet ride.