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Brake pad adjuster screw

Started by Bronco99, September 22, 2023, 04:58:02 PM

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Does anyone know where I can find one of these? Rad and Tekro are being unhelpful. Or any ideas how to fashion a replacement even?


I've seen a pair of used Tektro cable calipers on ebay for $22 or so.

I haven't had trouble with my pad adjusters. I put an allen bit on the end of a 6" extension to stick between the spokes. The length lets me be sure the bit is aligned.

The chain tensioner on my Radrunner was made so that it was hard to get an allen key in straight to turn the aluminum screw. I stripped it. I used a hacksaw to cut a slot for a big screwdriver.

A Torx bit will sometimes grab a stripped allen screw.

Radding Along

If you are able to find a replacement, be sure you remove the ball bearing and spring first. If you remove that silver circle first, the spring and ball bearing will shoot across the room, never to be found again.

To remove the spring and ball bearing, look on the side of that silver disk and you will see a very small allen head. Gently unscrew it and remove the spring and ball bearing. Then you can remove the silver disk.

The spring and ball bearing gives you the clicking feeling when you turn that silver disk. It also puts pressure on the silver disk so it doesn?t vibrate and turn while riding.


Thanks for the warning. Unfortunately I didn?t see it and did exactly as you said! Luckily it hasn?t caused any issues the brake pads are now fully adjustable again having bought a cheap caliper from eBay and it hasn?t given me any trouble despite not having the bearing and spring now.