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Is it safe to use 20 x 2.75/3.00/3.25 tubes ?

Started by MagnumPA, September 09, 2023, 06:20:29 PM

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2 different workers at the local ebike shop said they'd be fine for the Kenda 3.3 tires on the RadrunnerPlus.  It looked pretty skinny compared to the one I pulled out when I inflated it before putting it in the tire, but it seemed to seat the bead well enough at less than 10 psi and and held tight when I filled it to 30psi.  I'm hoping it won't burst on the first pothole I hit, but BMX tubes are made pretty tough, right?

Any words of wisdom or warnings before I take the bike for a ride?

The only marking on the bag is "Benno RemiDemi tube 20 x 3.25".

Radio Runner

The problem with and undersized tube is will be paper thin when inflated enough for what you wide tire is asking for.

Also the area around the valve stem will be even narrower when overinflated. (Doesn?t stretch as far around the stem area) Feel the side wall of your tire around the where the valve is and you might notice a difference compared to the ready of the overall tire when fully inflated.


So I searched and the Benno RemiDemi is actually a higher end, Radrunner styled bike with a steel frame, mid drive, and 20 x 4.25 tires. 

I already ordered 20 x 3.5-4 tubes but they won't get here until tomorrow, guess I'm pedaling the old Rockhopper to work tomorrow.