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Replacement On/off switch and Pedal Assist Control

Started by dmelenberg, September 03, 2023, 09:53:59 AM

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I over tightened the Alan screw on the 'off/on' switch on my Rad Rover 6 and snapped the plastic clamp.
I can't find a replacement on the Rad Rover website ...
Any ideas where I might find one?
Either a new clamp piece or the whole switch?

For now, I gorilla glued the clamp back together, and tightened it loosely, AND am using two zip ties to hold it in place.


It's not something you will find easily.  But Rad will have it you just have to get them on the phone.

Radding Along

Rad does not sell the part separately. You have to buy a new remote. Check Etsy.