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Battery pack

Started by Bluetba, September 03, 2023, 02:14:00 AM

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Battery pack..

Looking for some help, I've been given by my father a radrunner eu, I'm in the UK, he used it once himself over a year ago, the battery pack was kept inside which is good, but he lost the key, I've messaged rad power bikes in the EU for help.

I've seen that people use a generic blank key, but it's hard to find one in the UK + I'm not sure it'll work on this battery pack, the battery says rp-1304 and starts ddlgrpe ends in w0004, does anyone know if a blank will work? I don't mind ordering a blank, but it's going to cost around ?20 and come from USA.

I had thought I would open up the battery and replace the whole lock barrel, but I cannot open it, I've taken out the 12 screws but it will not separate, is it welded?

Thanks for any help.


which battery do you have? some are easier to open than others.  Older version is easier.


The blank you're referring to is:  Ilco HD74 Key Blank for Honda X84  and my guess is it would likely work if you have the "shark" battery that sits on top of the frame tubing and was used on all Rads until a year or two ago.  Below are before/after pics of my battery when I discovered how easy they are to steal.

You might be able to find a blank at a local lock shop or motorcycle-repair shop - I'm sure they deal with lost keys now and then.   Good luck!

P.S.  I only ride with a blank, so I can show and warn other Rad owners who don't believe me when I just tell them.  Showing them is pretty convincing.
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