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Rad Runner Plus Replacement Motor and Rear Wheel Assembly

Started by TaviM, August 27, 2023, 08:40:26 PM

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Sadly my RadRunner plus motor has died after 2500 miles of Rad Riding, I recently posted in this forum about an error 35 issue that was resolved by replacing the controller, the bike was working fine until this morning when the cable coming from the motor wrapped around the rear axel presumably shorting it after my failure to properly torque the nuts holding the axle in place, in any case the motor has been due for a replacement and I was wondering if its possible to order one that would work with the stock controller from Amazon or another online retailer with relatively quick shipping as I rely on my ebike as my main mode of transportation, I would preferably like to buy the full rear wheel assembly as I am not confident enough to relace the wheel myself and local bike shops in my area are slow and expensive. I have contacted Rad and am waiting on a response about purchasing a rear wheel however I have heard they have been plagued with long wait times and being expensive. Thanks in advance to anyone that can help!


Check Area13  they have some hub assemblies just not sure if they have your size.
BUT to actually replace the motor isn't that difficult.  My most difficult part was getting some of the screws out.
I bought mine with the rear COG so I didn't have to remove that part or buy the tool to remove it.
It really is easy.  remove ties, unplug, unscrew, remove, insert, screw, plug, tie....DONE.


There are youtube videos showing how to replace the cable. I've seen a motor extender cable at Amazon, with a male and a female connecter. Clip the connector you don't need and you have a motor cable.

I believe you open the motor with a security bit. Then you snip the colored wires, leaving enough to show where to solder the wires from the new cable. Threading the new cable through the axle looks challenging.


Do you know where the vids are for this repair you speak of? please, link?


Quote from: samuraisin on December 29, 2023, 04:35:11 PM
Do you know where the vids are for this repair you speak of? please, link?

I've forgotten what videos I saw in the past, but I found several by going to youtube and searching for "repair bafang 750 motor cable."