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Replacement plugin hub motor for a RadRhino 2019 bike?

Started by Mtolesen, August 22, 2023, 04:17:09 AM

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Does anyone know if it is possible to buy a replacement plugin, plug and play, hub motor for a 2019 RadRhino bike, in europe, Rad only offer a complete rear wheel  including hubmotor.

Martin Olesen


You can do it but are you legal to do it in Europe.  If you aren't concerned with legality then do it.  I did an upgrade on mine to a true 750 watt motor.  But you will be required to replace your controller and LED.  Pricing in the US is about $200 for each motor and each controller.  I purchased mine from Area 13. It was worth the effort and price for me.  Now one can buy a bike already tricked out to the specs you want.  Europe probably not. 


Actually i just want to buy the original Rad motor, i do not need the upgrade.


That is a low wattage motor so it might be hard to find.  Most in the US are going to be much larger and getting bigger.  You might find one used.  Or try Area 13.