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WANTED: Yuba Pop Top Cover for RadWagon 3

Started by aaron, August 18, 2023, 08:58:58 AM

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Hello - If someone has a used Yuba Pop Top Cover in good condition, I am interested in purchasing it from you. I will also cover all shipping costs. I live in Seattle. I'm familiar with the super helpful info from a fellow forum member (jimbobillybob:,9059.0.html), about how to install a work around for those of us with RadWagon 3s (or older) but before I go down that path I thought I'd see if there was someone in the community who is ready to sell a used Yuba cover. I have already picked up a modified MonkeyBar from SuperKnuckles (thanks again, jimbobillybob, for such a helpful walk-through) and will try their suggested work-around for the current Conestoga model from Rad if I'm not able to purchase a a Yuba cover which is sold out on their website:

And if members have a different/better idea, I'm always happy to learn more from my fellow riders!


Is Yuba ever going to get this back in stock?!?!