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Brand New Rad City 5 plus step thru .. ERROR code 21

Started by Crunchy, August 14, 2023, 11:11:02 PM

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Trying to decide if I should just return this bike.  Get bike delivered and hubby and I put together.  Try turning it on and get error code 21.  No power going to the motor.  Did all the trouble shooting steps in manual and watched YouTube videos  nothing.  Emailed support and have not heard from them for almost 2 weeks.  Tried to call the company and the phones have been shut off.  Did the online chat on the second day  and that person said sorry you have to wait and hear from support.  On. Whim I tried to chat again a few days later.  Got a great guy Gregg he said I believe it is your controller and I will send one out.  But I think they are back ordered but I will try and get one from retail store for you.  I am feeling good. Part is on the way.  But NOTHING from them.  Tried chat again today and after almost an hour wait person says hmmm don?t know what the delay is but I have reached out to the shipping and hopefully you will hear something soon.  >:( .. so annoyed at this point.  Decided to splurge and buy new bike and I doesn?t work. And the lack of customer support and wait times it making me re think this decision.  Will cost me $150 to return the bike but think I should cut my losses now.

All the reviews I watched online seemed positive.  It wasn?t until I had an issue that I did better research .. my bad.  Should have looked for a forum like this from the start.


I am on the short side and didn?t think that bike would work for me.


There are lots of deals out there with other companies. 

Go to YouTube check out Citizen Cycle.  He reviews several different bikes. 

Put Citizen Cycle in the search  and you will easily find him.  He has probably 100 videos now. 

Best of Luck.  You might find that $150 is best to get quick resolution. I hear people are having to wait several days to get a reply from Rad. 


I also had error 21 then error 30. It was a short in the wiring harness.

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