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Radrunner Plus Wheel/Motor Question

Started by 90sdad, August 03, 2023, 06:22:37 PM

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I am looking to get a complete wheel/motor, has anyone used a Ebikeling 1200w wheel/motor combo before? The spacing looks right, and I can modify the plug if needed just trying to see if this should work before pulling the trigger. I'd even be willing to go with just the stock wheel/motor, but I can't find any for sale online.


I don't know enough to say if that wheel/motor would work.

Do  you have a bad motor and a good wheel? Last year Ryan, who runs this forum, had the motor in his Radwagon fail. He put a new motor in the case of the old motor. He needed a security star bit and a special wrench to remove the sprocket assembly, but he didn't have to fool with a new wheel or lacing spokes.

Here's a guy who tried it for his first time, swapping to a stronger motor.

Here's Ryan's video on motor replacement.


Thanks for the info! I unfortunately don?t have the wheel or motor. I got the bike from someone who took the motor/wheel and put it on something else for his kids to use. (Checked every site I could to verify it wasn?t stolen before buying it lol)

Water Doc

the motor on my RR+ got really noisy this past winter and I purchased a new rear wheel/motor/tire from Rad - cost at that time was $300 and it came ready to install and ride.  You may have problems purchasing a replacement wheel/motor from a different vendor if it is not compatible with the Rad controller.  You will need to call them to order the replacement, it is not listed in their accessory link
RadMini4 and RR+


Oh good to know! Yeah I sent them an email a couple days ago but haven?t heard back. I?ll have to give them a call today and see if they still offer that.

I found the same wheel/motor combo as originally posted from ebikeling that comes with a controller, throttle and everything needed. Still on the fence if I should go that route to have a higher wattage motor to go a little faster. I haven?t ridden a rad runner before, so don?t know if the 25mph is fast enough for what I?m looking for.

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