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Suitable SUV to transport 2 Radexpand 5's

Started by sks, July 23, 2023, 06:19:29 PM

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Both my wife & I each bought an Expand5. We also happen to be considering a new mid-sized SUV, and would like any feedback on which ones work well, or don't work well to transport these folded inside instead of a hitch-mounted rack.  I have seen mention of using a 70 gal tote bin, which look bigger than expected. I'm not sure many of the SUVs will fit two of these inside, even with the rear seats down.   Any recommendations?  Thanks!


🤔. The totes are a good base for overall size except they seem to be a bit too long sometimes.   The tricky bit is the height.    I have a Toyota Corolla 2005.  And can fit one in the trunk and backseat.    I'd suggest getting a new moving blanket and experimenting with lifting them and arranging them.  If you can use the blanket to pull them in as you get one then the next into the hatch then by arranging them on the blanket in different configurations will give. You the minimum dimensions you would need to have.

Height, width and length. Good Luck!


We have two Expand 5 bikes.
We have a 2021 Chevy Equinox
Fold down the seats and we take off the front wheel of each bike.
Fold the bike and place it in a 50 gallon Rubbermaid bin.
The bin makes it easy to pickup with a person on each end.
You can also remove the batteries to lighten the bin too.

Good luck!😁

John Rose

I own a RadMini ST2, and I just pulled the trigger on a RadExpand 5 today. When it arrives I can try fitting both of them into a Honda CRV.

Come to think of it, I might even be able to get them into the back seat of our 2008 Honda Fit. It has those rear "Magic Seats" that flip up, giving you floor-to-roof space. They're popular with owners of large dogs. Alternatively, the backs also flip down, as with most SUVs and hatchbacks.
The back seat may be easier because it's not as high to lift the bikes.

Image shows left seat up, right seat down.
RadMini ST 2 / RadExpand 5