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New RR6+Throttle operating irradically ...

Started by mosh, July 21, 2023, 10:50:16 PM

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Throttle operating erratically when peddling. It surges from almost nothing to full power when I try to set the throttle for a single level power assist, such as 300 W or 400 W, etc. I had a 2018 Rover and the throttle would feather perfectly - up or down and hold steady at whatever power assist level I wanted on hills or into a headwind. Is this normal for a RR6+? I am in Spokane Washington. Is there any other RR6+ owner in the area who will work with me to see if our throttles are working the same? I am at 509-220-1879. Please respond if you. Can you help me.


Did you get it fixed? With 1-speed bikes, I use throttle to get underway. One that wouldn't feather would be very hazardous.

Jay West

I've had to 2 different Rad City 5 Plus bikes and they have both acted the same.  Anytime I engage the throttle while pedaling the wattage immediately goes to 750 no matter how small of movement on the throttle.  Rad claims that it shouldn't do this but this happens and they never did have a fix for it.  It is my understanding the Rad City 5 Plus and the Rad Rover 6 are very similar.  I hope you find a fix for this....good luck and if you do let me know.  I had a Rad City 4 and it didn't do this.


If they use the same throttle as the Radrunner and the Radmission, Amazon has an assortment for $10 to $20. If that didn't fix it, I'd know it was the controller. (I upgraded both my controllers.)

Jay West

I replaced the throttle on my Rad City 5 Plus twice and it didn't heal this problem.  All of them acted the same.  Rad doesn't know how to fix it.  I truly believe the controllers is not programmed properly.



This might do the trick. I bought a controller and display from them for my Radmission. They say the one above works for 5+ and 6+ models. I see great reviews from RadCity 5+ owners.

Jay West

I have one of these but I haven't installed it yet.... The reason there is not enough room to install the controller between the seat post and rear fender on my Rad City 5 Plus.  I haven't decided fully in my mind the place I'm going to locate the controller.  If anyone has installed the 35 amp controller on a Rad City 5 Plus I would like to see a pic of the installation.