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Quick release pedals and a Jeep

Started by Nin, July 09, 2023, 09:09:19 AM

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I just bought a Rover 6+ and Runner 3. We have the Hollywood rack designed for the heavier bikes with fat tires on a Jeep Wrangler with rear spare wheel mount.

My old Hollywood rack had an extended hitch bar to accommodate for the vehicle tire. This new one is a normal stock rack so it is very tight against the spare vehicle tire and the bike pedal has to be manipulated to fit inside the vehicle wheel or it will scratch.

So, my question for the group? I am looking into quick release pedals that can be removed for transport.  Who uses them and which are proven to work well. I?d prefer flat pedals as I do not use clipped shoes. (If I wanted to work that hard I wouldn?t have bought an e-bike).

Thanks in advance.


The idea intrigued me, so I went to Amazon. They have user reviews.


Here is the ones I have been using and worked really well, they could be a bit bigger but no problems so far.