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Radwagon 4 died / won?t turn on

Started by amc_dowell, July 01, 2023, 01:47:31 PM

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Good evening,

My Radwagon 4 (2021 model) cut out during a trip today and will not turn back on. I have carried out all the checks and procedures listed in the article below and still nothing.

Tomorrow I will replace the 40A fuse in the battery itself and see if that works. If there is no positive outcome after this am I correct in thinking that it is one or a combination of the below parts?

1) The controller
2) The display
3) The wiring harness

How do I go about troubleshooting to find the culprit(s) without replacing parts that may not be faulty?

Many thanks in advance for your help!


I?m curious if you were able to resolve this. I had the same thing happen to me, and am wondering where to start.



Mine did the same thing this week! I spent an hour on the web with tech support. I checked every connector and replaced both fuses in the battery with no obvious issues.

@amc_dowell Did yours ever turn back on?


It just happened to me this afternoon.  All connections and fuses ok


I recently had the same problem, display went blank and power lost to the bike. I had it diagnosed at a shop and found the LCD display required replacement. You can't assume your problem is the display, it will need to be test to find out which component is the problem.


I had that issue on my rover 5 a little over a month ago. I had to replace the battery and harness connectors.  they burned the plastic and the connector on the battery. but both sides had to be replaced.

Fairly easy repair but just took about an hour or so to do.

On mine I saw the burned area.  Take you battery off and look to see if there is an issue.  My battery was also difficult to remove as the plastic expanded.


I?m experiencing the same issue with my RadCity. I?ve tried the following without any success: replaced 5-amp battery fuse, replaced 40-amp battery fuse, replaced display, replaced controller. I?m going to try the replacing the battery connector next,🤞.

Radding Along

The battery trays seldom go bad, but it isn?t out of the question. I would reach out to someone in your area with a Rad bike and see if their battery will power your bike on. At the same time, see if your new display works on their bike.

Check your connections again. When you installed the new controller, it?s possible you didn?t seat the connections properly on the wires coming out of the controller. You may think they are seated well, but maybe they aren?t.

Unplug the two brake shutoff sensors leading off of each brake lever assembly. Unplug the headlight, taillight, throttle and pedal assist sensor. Any one of those shorting out could cause the bike not to turn on. Also unplug the motor wire to see if that helps. If you are able to get the screen to power on, connect the motor wire and throttle to see if you can power the motor. If so, then connect the other components one by one until you find the one that is shutting the bike off.

In rare cases, a bad pedal assist sensor can fry the controller. It?s best to automatically replace the PAS when you replace a controller. It?s cheap insurance. Nothing worse than blowing a second controller due to a faulty PAS.