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Brand new RADCity 5 plus, NO THROTTLE, rear light always on when power button is

Started by Riverlynx, June 30, 2023, 04:14:30 PM

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♦ Okay, I just got a RadCity 5 plus, the first thing I did was to fully charge the battery. I do all the maintenance and upgrade work on my 2020 RadRover ST so I felt comfortable assembling the new RadCity bike to get it going.

The bike assembly went fairly well and straightforward. But, when I went to try the throttle, I got absolutely no response at all. The two LCD screens turn on fine, they show the time and the PAS levels. They do NOT show anything when the brake levers are pulled. The rear light is shining bright but do not change when the brake levers are pulled. NO THROTTLE at all.
I checked all the cable connections to make sure they were up tight and well connected.
One thing I tried was to unplug the left (front) cable red connectors - after I did this, pulling  the right brake lever causes the rear light to flash like a brake light as it should. The flasher will also work, but not when the left brake cable is connected. The LCD screens show no indication of headlight or brake light. Still NO THROTTLE at all.
I have another new throttle and tried it, but again NO response at the hub motor. I am leaning toward the controller, I hope not because I see it is a real 'beach' to replace. A few times as I worked trying the throttle to work, the bike would only shut off if I used the key to pop the battery.

My 2020 RadRover ST has not had these problems.

♦ Ideas, suggestions?   


I have TWO brand new RadCity 5+ bikes, one with precisely your problem, the other stuck in an Error 21.

I am currently embroiled in a back-and-forth with Rad (it took them almost 2 weeks to respond to my first request for help) about returning the defective bikes.

It can take 4 to 5 months to get replacement controllers.

They offer zero support from certified technicians and want me to perform the dismantling of electronic parts on each bike.

It is so beyond unreasonable, and it is the worst consumer experience of my life. I spent $4,828 on the bikes (I'm in Canada).

My CC company agrees and has issued chargebacks on the bikes. I want my money back.


Sorry you are having that problem.  I don't blame you for going to your credit card company.  Although WIRED bikes are back ordered until August, I suggest you look at their more powerful bikes for the same price.  You might not be able to import them because they are so powerful. 
Another you might consider is the Aventon Aventure 2 - same price but better specs to Rad.

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