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Bafang G063 1000 watt motor

Started by Tony, June 14, 2023, 11:11:57 AM

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Just installed this on my Mini 4.  Can any of you knowledgable people advise me of a controller and display to connect to this. 


contact the place where you purchased it from.  that's what I did when I upgraded.  but I don't have the same model or motor as you.


I assume you have this motor and I have this one on my Rad Runner 2 -

I recommend this which is on my wifes rad wagon and it is plug and play. You will need to get creative mounting the large controller box. -

Up to 1600 watts and way better climbing hills. Will use more battery obviously depending on how often you go full throttle.

My Rad Runner 2 has a setup built from parts at and it is way more geeky and more expensive. But the baserunner and phaserunner controllers are very small so mounting will be easier on the small mini frame. Rad Wagon is huge. They also have the motor on their site with the newer L10 motor cable. I would have bought the G62 motor from but they did not sell it there 2 years ago. Sounds like you have the motor ready.

Good luck.


Does anybody have or know the pinouts on this motor plug? Have searched and can't find anything. Thanks


I have modified G062.1000.DC motor that has welded clutch, 8awg phase wiring, BT winding  temp sensor, air and water cooling, reglued magnets etc.
Running 114A DC Peak current and 60v custom made battery so nearly 7000w Peak.


Polskicowboy, I have the later model Bafang G063 1000 Watt motor with the red plug connector.  I have tried to run it with the KT 35 amp controller but it don?t like it.


Tony, what were the pinouts you used on this motor plug? (11pin L1121 plug and Bafang uses 9). I have the same motor and the same controller you are using (KT 35 amp) and this combo should be fine if wired correctly, I've contacted Bafang, Electro Bike world and haven't got info yet. You can wire this motor a few ways but really will only work correctly if wired right... So I have been told.

I'm using the KT 35a controller on my Rad Expand 5 with the stock motor and runs perfect.


I have used the 35 amp controller with the Bafang 250 and 750 motors and it works very well but as you are aware uses the push fit z916 connector.  The G063 has the red L1121 plug that you show. I kept this plug screwed together  and joined the end tail wires to connect into the 35 amp controller wires as they are the same corresponding colour and same amount of wires.
The GO63 will turn slowly and noisily then stops.


If you look at the loose tail end wires , there are 3 large and 6 small wires.  Total 9 in use and are the same colour as the 35 amp controller


I would have to agree that the wiring is correct but it would nice to have the pinouts just to make sure. I would think this motor would be compatible as the G062 1000w is and Bafang as has discontinued G062 and replaced it with G063. Are you using the Bolton/Electro Bike World controller kit for RAD? once I get the pinouts from Bafang we can double check these, also make sure your settings are correct in the controller for that motor, just odd it's not working. Did you drop in this motor or lace it?


Thanks for the reply, I bought the motor new already laced into the wheel.  I have checked through my settings but there could of course be something I am missing.  Any suggestions of which settings to double check. ?


Are you using the Bolton/Electro Bike World controller kit for RAD?



I went through the setting and I don't see anything that would effect the motor with the problem you are having, so to narrow this down some:

Check: Never rule out anything until you find the problem.

1. Motor to controller wiring (I will get pinout)
2. Controller Settings
3. Controller not compatible with motor or vice versa
4. Controller defective
5. Motor defective
6. Other defective parts, throttle?

I'm in the same boat as you are at this point but I haven't laced the motor yet, so I haven't done any testing. Once I get more info I will chime in here and let you know what I have found. Keep me posted.


Tony, can you put your stock motor on and test everything is still working? controllers can go bad from a number of things.