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radwagon 4 tires

Started by ejonesss, June 11, 2023, 06:37:03 AM

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seeing that is out of stock on replacement tires and some people claiming that the Shinko SR241 18x2.75 tire fits since rad uses the outside diameter for the size and the auto and motorcycle industry uses the rim diameter makes me wonder if other ebikes like lectric and such has tires that would fit even if they call them something else?

the radwagon 4 rim is 18 inch diameter so i wonder if any other ebike brand uses 18 by 3 or something tires.


It's worse than that. Radpower doesn't really use outside diameter to describe its custom tires.

Look for the ISO number on the tire. It should be something like 75-457. Those are millimeters. The second number is bead diameter. That's a way of stating rim diameter. The first number is width between sidewalls. If it's not pretty close to OEM, say 10%, the bead may unseat when you ride.

I thought I'd found an alternative to my Radrunner custom tires. The rim diameter was right, but the tire was 30% narrower than advertised. I hadn't gone 100 feet when the tube began to squeeze past the bead.