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Battery Slot Burned Out

Started by ChopChop, May 30, 2023, 02:27:40 PM

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I have had on of the slots on the battery burn out.  I notice the issue because the battery was exceptionally difficult to remove from the tray.  It was melted together.  The slot contact somehow failed and melted the plastic housing around it.

I am trying to figure out if this is a Warranty issue, but I can't get RAD to respond.  I issued a customer service request and they closed it without talking to me.

Has anyone seen this issue?  Any advice on how to reach RAD for an answer on Warranty question or what I should do?  These batteries are pretty expensive. If it is not warranty, then I'll look into fixing the part that failed.  The batter still seems to charge and work, just this faulty slot.


Update on this. I managed to get Rad's online customer service people to respond by calling several stores and asking if anyone was going to respond.

They decided the battery failure is a warranty item and the new battery is on the way.

I did also buy a new battery from unit power pack which hasn't arrived yet.


Congratulations!  Hope this is the end of your problems.  Did you ask them about what's going on with the company and customer service, by any chance?  I don't think I've seen any articles or comments from the company about their issues and status.

Did you get to keep the old battery?  If so, you might get it back into service by cannibalizing another dead one for the part(s) that failed on yours.
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