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Battery never used --dead

Started by gawarner, May 30, 2023, 05:32:49 AM

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I bought my bike last December but never assembled it till now. The battery I guess was still in shipping mode. When I press the power indicator to take it out of ship mode, nothing happens. No lights, no nothing. The charger shows red and green.   There are never any lights on the battery indicator. Is there any way to get this new, but never used battery, to work? Am I missing something??


Which model year is your Rad City, and did you buy it new?  If new, you're still under warranty for the battery and/or charger.

If you have a model with the older "shark" battery that sits on top of the battery cradle, flip it upside down and you should see two rubber weather plugs.  Those are your input/output blade fuses, like a car.  Pull them out and check to make sure one or the other isn't blown.  If they look ok, try reinserting and pulling a couple of times to exercise the electrical connector.  It's possible you just have a blown, missing or slightly-corroded fuse.

And when you got red/green lights on the charger, did you leave it on charge for at least a couple of hours?  It may have self-discharged down below a voltage that the controller will allow to start the bike.  If it's too low, the battery may be fine but to protect the battery it won't start up.  Also, whatever you end up doing, do the battery-balancing if you have an older battery, as shown in the manual.

Hope you get it up and running quickly.
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It's the rad City 5 Plus, purchasedt his year.  The battery charger has shown red/ green from the beginning. It never indicated that it was charging. Could it still be in shipping mode? And if so, how would I get it out of shipping mode if it has no charge whatsoever?


Sorry, can't offer any advice about those newer batteries, but there are quite a few existing threads on them and the newer bike models, so I'm sure somebody else will chime in.

May I suggest you change the thread subject line to something more specific, to attract attention?  Something like "Rad City 5 Plus battery never used and DOA" maybe?  That will narrow it down to others who have the newer models.

You should be ok with a warranty replacement as long as you didn't cause damage - a recurring problem with the newer batteries seems to be people accidentally touching their key to the charging port and shorting out the battery, instead of the keyway.  That isn't covered by warranty, but can be repaired with a little skillful disassembly and soldering - there are detailed threads on that here as well.

BTW, is this the same bike you posted as ordering last April and assembling in November '22?  It might be out of warranty coverage if so.
Shucks Ma'am, I'm no "Hero Member", I just like to wear this cape.