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Flat Out

Started by handlebar, May 29, 2023, 08:54:19 AM

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Has anyone else seen Area 51's video on flat prevention?

It's been up a year and I didn't know.

Radio Runner

I saw it. I?m a believer. Been using it for a year now. Pulled 3 nails out so far in the rear tire and survived. I use 1/2 bottle in my 20x4 tire. That?s more than I think you need but I like being sure.

I use 1/4 bottle in the front tire.


I bought Slime to stop seepage, due to imperfect seals of two tubeless tires on an old riding mower and the porosity of the tubes on my Radrunner. When I bought the Slime, I'd already bought tubes of another brand for my Radrunner, and they were doing so well that I didn't use it there.

I used Slime in the two troublesome mower tires and the porous OEM tubes of my new Radmission. For me, Slime leaves something to be desired. In the time it takes my replacement Radrunner tubes to lose 1 psi, the Radmission tubes with Slime lose 7 psi.

It looks as if I should have bought Flat Out. I suppose it won't hurt to add it to a tube that already has Slime...