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Could I ride a City5 plus on a bike path in Toronto?

Started by Paco, May 26, 2023, 12:59:10 PM

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hi there. Totally new to ebikes. I have a regular bike and I enjoy it for my commute to work (7km) and for some bike paths in the city of Toronto. I use mostly bike lanes on the streets of Toronto, Canada or bike paths. I'm considering getting a City 5 plus for a little help if needed (I'm in my late 50s). I still want some exercise so assist level 1 might be enough for me. Is setting 0 (meaning no motor) make it too hard to pedal? I still want to feel that I could use this as regular bike. But I must ask, will I be legally allowed to ride this bike (not at full speed-maybe level 1) on bike paths? Or are Ebikes banned from all bike paths In TORONTO-if there are any local riders. I depend on these trails to get to work etc. Much safer than the street. I don' t do off road much at all. Hoping to get some first hand experience from local rad owners. I confess I have my eye on a Rover 6 plus too...will the wide wheels be a plus or a minus for my purposes? Thanks!


Quote from: rolandl on May 26, 2023, 01:03:44 PM
It looks like it is pretty much every where except sidewalks'%20licence%2C%20vehicle,bike%20in%20good%20working%20order

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hi there. I read this before but I'm not clear...are the Rad bikes considered Power-assist bikes? if so this applies:
"Multi-use trails, paths and parks
Motorized vehicles (including power-assisted E-bikes) may not be used on park multi-use paths. If a motorized vehicle is used on a park path, the rider/driver may be fined $305.00 by bylaw enforcement officers. The Waterfront Multi-use path, Don Valley and Humber Multi-use paths, are all considered parklands. The West Toronto Railpath and Hydro corridor trails are considered linear parks.
Toronto Ferries

Only bicycles or pedal-assisted bicycles (pedelecs only) with a wheel diameter of 26″ or larger are allowed on the ferries to the Toronto Islands."

so this is what is not clear to me...are you in Toronto? You own this bike correct?


Toronto classifies power-assisted e-bikes as throttle only.  As long as it has working pedals it is OK.  If you were to take the pedals off, then No you wouldn't be able to use it.

Here is another article.


I can see why someone would get confused with the term power-assisted.
Even in the city?s pictorial on the power assisted e-bike category I can almost see a pedal.
But I like what you said that power assist means throttle only no pedals.
I would print Toronto?s regulations and put it in my bag because it clearly shows a bicycle with battery as pedal assist e-bike. And the power assisted e-bike looked like a scooter.
Literally is LITERALLY the most annoying word of the decade.

John Rose

It would probably be a good idea also to carry a print of the provincial regulations at in case some Karen objects to your claiming it has the same rights as any regular bicycle in any particular place.

It doesn't say anything special about e-bikes that are pedal AND throttle-equipped. Neither do the New Brunswick regulations ( )

Note that the last paragraph says ...
QuoteRemoving the pedals makes the e-bike a motor vehicle, which requires a licence, insurance and registration to operate. It is also illegal to modify your e-bike's electric motor to make it more powerful or to increase the assisted speed of the bike.
... so you'd be taking your chances using the Sekrit Menu to bump up the electronic governor speed limit.
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John Rose

Quote from: Naranja_CT5+ on October 01, 2023, 12:48:51 AM
I can see why someone would get confused with the term power-assisted.
[snip] And the power assisted e-bike looked like a scooter.
Without pedals, what is it that the power is "assisting"?  :-\
Running alongside and pushing it? Gravity? Telekinesis?

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