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Mini 4 - 750w upgrade Expectations too high?

Started by murbot, May 26, 2023, 07:27:23 AM

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   I installed a 750w OEM drop in 2 days ago  on my Mini 4 that I upgraded to the 35a control and KT-LCD8H display last year. Never got more than 22.2 on flat ground with PAS or throttle using the 500. Expected close to 28 with the 750 installed, but only getting 24.8. Tested with a few speedometer apps and the seems to be accurate. Torque seems about the same. Climbing my street is now at 20mph where the 500 was 14-15mph so there's definite improvement, but I'm wondering if I should have bought a Bafang 750 instead of the OEM.

Should I be getting more top speed?

Top Speed:
500 - 22.2mph
750 - 24.8mph

Thanks for any ideas or suggestions.


Same bike here. I dropped in the Bafang 750 motor to replace the 250 motor,and changed to the 35 amp controller. Same top speed as you are getting.