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RadWagon 3 - Rear hub connector wire replacement

Started by jblackburn, May 09, 2023, 07:42:49 PM

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After an accident with my RadWagon 3, the throttle and PAS no longer works. I brought the bike to my local bike shop who have been helping me maintain my bike for 3 years now, and they found the rear hub connector wire has been damaged (photos attached). We are fairly confident that is the cause of the issue, and they are willing to fix it for me, but not without a diagram, instructions, or video that shows how to get into the rear hub and replace the cable. We understand how to remove the rotor and hub motor cover - it's everything after that which is a mystery. Does anybody know of any such instructions? I've been coming up empty on the internet.

Otherwise, I guess the other option is a new rear wheel with everything. I don't see those on the Rad website, though. Has anybody been able to get a replacement rear wheel  for a RadWagon 3 (26-inch)?

I'm simultaneously posting this to Rad's help center, just not sure how long it will take for their response. Thanks!


FYI - I am going ahead with the motor cable replacement myself. I found some helpful videos on youtube on how to do it. $20 for parts, and hopefully it will work. I already removed the motor and took out the defective cable.


Way to go; DIY to save money and learn the bike.  Let us know how it works out, if you're willing.
Shucks Ma'am, I'm no "Hero Member", I just like to wear this cape.


Jblacburn, I need to do the same.

Where did you find the motor cable?  Curious how this repair worked out for you!

Thank you


Hey Brad - After a long search I found the correct cable replacement on ebay. Where I bought it is no longer available. You'll have to search for this: Z916 Julet eBike Motor Extension Cable 500-1000W Male-Female 24". If you examine your current cable you should see that connector is an octagon shape.

However, while I was waiting for that part to arrive I finally got a reply from Rad Power customer service and they offered me an entire new rear wheel replacement for about $330 including shipping/taxes. I took the offer and am holding onto the old wheel and parts in case they are needed for future repairs. I figured I wasn't sure how long replacement wheels might be around for my 2019 model and I wasn't super confident in my abilities to repair it, so I thought that was the best decision for me.

I didn't actually finish the job but I got as far as removing the motor cover and motor, and snipping the old wires off. The cable I bought came with male and female ends. But to connect it to the motor, you have to cut off the female end and splice each individual wire to each individual wire in the motor. You would have to solder the connections yourself. I have no experience with that but in preparation for the repairs I bought a soldering iron and practiced a little bit before I got my replacement wheel. You also have to make sure that you are connecting the wires correctly. Luckily for me the colors of the wires on the replacement cable matched exactly those on my motor, otherwise it would be hard to know which wires to connect to. Like I said, I never finished this repair, I just have everything laid out in my basement.

This video also helped me, even though it is not specific to the rad wagon:

Hope that helps a little. Good luck!


Jblackbrn., thanks for the detailed response!  After a frustrating repair attempt with the shop it looks like I?ll be attempting it if I can find the wire.  If not I?ll be buying the wheel as well.  Hoping I?ll learn a bit about it it the process.  My kid is pretty rough on the bike so I?ll need to get good at it! 

Not sure if I?ve got the same motor as you since mine is the rad runner.  But I?ll have to figure that out

I?ll report back for others if I get it done!

Thanks again