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Radrunner 2 Shaking on Kickstand?

Started by Radical, May 06, 2023, 06:37:37 AM

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So I've noticed that while my bike is on its kickstand and I use the throttle to check if everything is working smoothly, the bike starts to shake violently. This is a new behavior. Any ideas? Is it safe to ride? There is no wobble or issues while riding. Link to a video in my google drive:



Is this something you've noticed recently, and it was smooth previously, or just tried this for the first time?

If it's suddenly changed, maybe check for loose spoke(s) that would allow the rim to go slightly out of round and cause an unbalance.  (Checking your spokes occasionally on both wheels is a good idea anyway.)  Otherwise, it really doesn't look too bad to me; it wobbles a bit, but not uncontrollably and only when unloaded.  These aren't precision-balanced F-1 wheels, after all, and a bit of unbalance might be expected in the tire and wheel.  As long as you don't notice it while riding, you're probably good.  My MiniST2 is similarly slightly unbalanced, but feels fine on the road. 

But I'm not a bike mechanic, so interested to hear what others might say.
Shucks Ma'am, I'm no "Hero Member", I just like to wear this cape.


I think you've made some really good points and suggestions.

I haven't noticed it before and I have used the throttle with the kickstand before, but admittedly, quickly and just to show someone how the throttled worked.

I did deflate the rear tire recently to add the rear fender, and during the job I used bungee chords to hold the tube falt so I can could my hands in there to screw the bolts. I'll look up how to check the spokes as you suggested. Thanks!


Do you happen to have tire sealant in your tubes. That will cause an imbalance.


On my Radrunner 1 tires, there's a circular rubber ridge 1 mm or so from the rim. I'd rotate the wheel and watch to be sure the ridge is equally close to the rim all the way around, on each side.

The beads of my Radrunner tires fit the rims loosely. When the tube is inflated, it can end up pinched at one point between the tire bead and the rim. That would throw the tire out of balance. Maybe you can correct it before it wears a hole in the tube. (I'm glad vulcanizing patches are cheap.)


Thanks for all the relies.

Honestly, I'm not too sure why its happening, but it doesn't seem to be an issue. The ride is smooth, and I have no real issues or problems.

I'll take the bike for its first tune up in a few months from now!

Thanks again everyone.