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Missing torque washer! What to do?

Started by nobo, May 05, 2023, 08:08:19 PM

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I'm scared now, it seems like RP might be going out of business just as I'm trying to fix my bike! I need a torque washer for the rear axle. Does anyone know if this part can be created somehow if Rad can't be contacted? Long term I thought about replacing the hub motor with a bbshd, but not with a fairly new bike! And I still haven't received a tire kit! I'm angry!


try a local bike shop.  they should have the washer you are looking for.
when i ordered a stepped up motor it did not come with a washer.


Thanks, inoxa. I don't live in an area with a bike shop within 70 miles, but there is a nearby machine shop. It should be fairly easy to fabricate- I just realized that a regular torque arm won't work on this bike! The more I see that's unique to this bike the more I regret buying it!


I have a RAD Rover.  The front one is the same as the rear.  If you take that to a machine shop, they will better understand what you need.

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