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Tyre pressures

Started by CasualNerding, May 04, 2023, 07:35:26 AM

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What do you guys keep your tyre pressures to?   The tyre sidewall says 40-65 psi.  I topped mine up to 50 psi, and the ride is super harsh.  I'm sure it's very efficient, but not exactly comfortable.

I'd live to hear your input.


These days I've been tending to keep my tires at about 45 psi. I ran them higher than that originally(50psi), just to try to get better efficiency on roads. Even at 45 psi, the ride is harsh when roads are rough, and I'll definitely stand up over sections or road with potholes and ditches.

I know some people run their tires at 30-35 psi, to get more comfort, but I'd suggest checking the pressure more often if you do that and monitoring the tires if you're carrying passengers.

Some people are putting on suspension seat posts, but there are some videos on how to fit them if you have a RW 4 because of the dual segment seat post.


Thanks, Beach.  I think I'm going to drop down to ~35 psi or so and see how that rides.  Might do a suspension seat post for a more long term solution.


Yes, I think it is definitely worth checking out 35psi. I haven't heard of people getting pinch flats at that pressure, but then they weren't carrying a heavy passenger with them. The RW4 3" tires aren't true fat tires, not unusual to see people running those below 20 psi.

In my case, I think if I were really trying to smooth out the harsh ride, I'd look at the ebike escape video on adding a suspension seat post.  I know some people have tried to fit a front suspension, but in my case it is the hit from the seat rather than the handle bars that I'd like to soften out.