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The Roaming Radrunner comes to YouTube!

Started by Peran, May 01, 2023, 02:22:51 AM

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Morning fellow Radrunners
     Just wanted to share bthe news that The Roaming Radrunner  has finally arrived on YouTube! Would appreciate your views and comments, would also appreciate if you could like & subscribe. I have recently retired after 53.5 working years, so I needed to do something with my time....hence The Roaming Radrunner was concieved!
Thanks in advance.

And remenber -Ride Rad!

Water Doc

Watched it! looks like you are having  a great time with your RR.  I have the RR+ and have done of the same mods and also the front rack (orange) -  I am 78 and ride local Texas rural roads every day with my wife. I use my GoPro too but every ride looks the same as we ride the same 14.5 mile route daily.

Keep it up!
RadMini4 and RR+