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Brake Lever Issue

Started by RadRideImmuned, April 06, 2023, 09:03:44 AM

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I recently took my Rad City 5 plus to a bike shop for a brake adjustment. I left the battery out so no electrical components would be an issue. I went to test the bike brakes and now the left brake lever is showing that it's applied when it's not. What component should I try to repair to determine if it is indeed stuck or a controller issue? The bike works as expected when the left brake lever is disconnected. I have checked the main power plug and it's tight. No fault codes or any other issues with the bike. Any recommendations that I should check before taking it to Rad for service?


Here?s an update on the brake lever causing the PAS and throttle no response. I disconnected the brake response indicator and moved it until the brake light dimmed. I slowly tightened back down and it seemed to fix it. Hopefully, the issue is fixed permanently. If this happens to others, a quick fix would be to disconnect brake sensor plug and make your way home safely.