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Bike Rack for Flat Tow Car

Started by tstokes, March 30, 2023, 08:00:42 AM

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When using a bike rack with 2 different size bikes, should the smaller bike go inside or outside? I have a Radrunner plus and a Radrover 6.

Radio Runner

Not being a physics major I would say the biggest heavier one closest to the vehicle and the smaller lighter one outside.

Less stress on the rack for sure.

Also, remember to take the battery?s off and put them in the cab during transport. 


I'm just an old mechanical engineer, and agree with Radio Runner.  Put the heavier of the two inboard closest to the vehicle, regardless of size.  That lessens the lever-arm length that puts stress on the hitch.

Remove as much as is practical from both bikes (batteries, water bottles if not empty and easily-removed accessories, maybe even the seat and post) to lighten them up as much as possible, again to reduce stress on the mount.
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