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Max power limited to 600W

Started by DCS777, March 26, 2023, 04:33:13 AM

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Hi all.

I have a new replacement 750W controller fitted to my Rad Rhino 5 delivered direct from RAD and fitted by a service partner. 

My previous controller gave a steady 750W on the display when set at PAS 5 or full throttle and a fully charged battery.

The new controller only gives a max of 600W.  It?s not an error in the display as it feels less drive than the 750W so I believe its correct.  Full battery and clean terminals.  PAS level 5 or throttle is the same.

Is there a hidden menu that I can access that might get it back to 750W?

Any help appreciated.



probably power settings.  hold the upper and lower buttons for a few seconds to access the settings.  you might reach out to Rad for the correct settings.  also check youtube for how to change and access settings. 

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