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Did you upgrade your controller? Will you sell me your old one?

Started by jared.suddaby, March 23, 2023, 10:48:36 PM

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Hi. I live in Canada where we only get 500w controllers.
I?ve been thinking about upgrading to the aftermarket Bolton style controllers, but would love to try a US 750 watt controller first
I will be in Los Angeles/Anaheim for the last half of April. If anybody in that area has upgraded and would like to make a few bucks selling off their old controller please let me know.


I see them for sale on eBay from time to time.  Unless you are concerned with customs, you might give eBay a try. 


I would like to get a 750w (peak) controller as well. Can one not somehow order them direct from RadCycle in the US?

And I assume there is no easy fix to do this (as with the top speed limit), and you have to get the controller itself changed?


I'm sure you could get one from Rad sent to a US address.  But you will probably pay less from another company.  It is a relatively simply process to swap the controller out.  I bought the upgraded controller that unlocked a bunch of torque, but after I purchased an upgraded motor is when I really saw top end speed increase.  Doing so will drain the battery faster. 


Really, my impression was that controller was a pain to replace hidden up above the battery; but yes it can be done.


It wasn't difficult but it had it's challenges...mostly pulling a wire or two through the frame.  It was 3 years ago.  I think it is more of a pain to remove the rear wheel than the controller.  I have a Rad Rover 5.  Maybe the newer models are different.


I have one for sale.  Send me a DM if you are still in need.


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