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Semi Integrated Battery - charges, no power output (no voltage)

Started by jeffwmcwhirter, March 17, 2023, 06:21:39 AM

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Hello fellow RAD owners...

I had two batteries fail while sitting still over the last couple months.  I am able to charge them (currently fully charged) but getting 0 volts output.  Fortunately, I am still under warranty and RAD is replacing them (estimated 4 weeks to deliver).  Has anyone else had this issue?  My wife and I use it for casual rides with our daughter around the neighborhood and havent done any long distance rides, so overall mileage is low (less than 2-300 miles on each bike acquired in May 2022)

Neither RAD nor the bike service provided any answers to why the batteries failed.  Any thoughts?  I am concerned that the replacement batteries may suffer the same fate (bad charger?  Leaving batteries in bike while bike is not in use?). 


We had the initial battery fail they sent a replacement and that one didn't even light up and they told me this

Unfortunately we have noticed a higher failure rate in new batteries recently so it is most likely a battery issue still.. We had the newest battery processed your way yesterday go through a double check and make sure it should solve your problem.

The batteries that were bad has a serial that
began with CAP . They sent a replacement again. Serial with BDLGRADE. That works.

SO look at your battery and contact them, if applicable, because they are aware there's an issue


all the more reason not to have a semi integrated battery. 
Yes they looks nice but not worth the hassle if you need to replace with an aftermarket battery.


I purchased a RadCity 5+ from a second party which was not under warranty and which also has a bad battery that would not take a charge. After some investigating I discovered that it was a blown fuse located inside the battery pack and fixed it after watching a few YouTube videos.

Another day, afterwards I blew that fuse at the end of a very long ride where I was tired and accidently touched the battery lock key to the bike charge input instead of the keyhole. After a large spark the battery no longer worked and i knew what the problem was and how to fix it

Now I'm even more careful when even plugging in the charger and first plug in the bike to the transformer and then put the power cable that's already in the wall into the charger transformer itself. Never had an issue since.