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2022 RadRhino 5 EU 250w->750w bafang motor swap not possible? (without delacing)

Started by madmartigan, March 15, 2023, 05:36:20 AM

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Hi all,
I'm a novice, and I'm trying to upgrade the 250w EU motor on my 2022 RadRhino 5 to a 750w one without having to delace the wheel. I plan to do a motor internals swap as many have done on this forum and videos online.

I've found the Bafang motor I think I need to do this online (it has the same model number as others referred to on this forum):

The customer reviews seem to confirm that this will work, but the Eunorau reps, after reviewing my current 250w motor serial number, have told me their motor has a different outer casing to the stock Rad one and I will need to re-attach the spokes because of this.

I'm wondering are Eunorau mistaken, and the motor internals swap without delacing is indeed possible, or alternatively, did Rad change something in the 2022 Rad Rhino whereby the stock Rad motor now has a different casing to the Bafang ones available online, making the motor internal swap no longer possible.

Thanks for your help!